Government of Karnataka

Department of Health & Family Welfare Services

Karnataka State Health System Resource Center


From the Desk of Executive Director

Karnataka State Health System Resource Centre (KSHSRC) is established to strengthen the public health system in the State. Reach of timely quality comprehensive health care can be achieved when health services reach the common people in time. This is possible when health system adapts to the modern technology, changing social circumstances and life styles of the people. In this perspective, KSHSRC will play a significant role in the form of technical support to reform the State Health & Family Welfare Services.

KSHSRC in association with various organizations conducts the evaluation of the ongoing health programs, identifies the gaps in implementation of the health programs and provides recommendations for strengthening. KSHSRC also organize the workshops for Health service delivery organizations, provide technical support for capacity building, develop guidelines for implementation of various health programs, conduct the research and training program and publish the health programs related information hand books for the common people/health staff to understand the activities of department.

Effective reach of any schemes of Government to the common people is possible through provision of information. We believe that, KSHSRC will help people understand and benefit in getting the best out of our State’s Health System.

Dr. M. Indumathi

Executive Director
Karnataka State Health System Resource Center